Process & Effectiveness

We advise companies and brands on how to structure effective marketing resource.

Challenges include: 

  • What should the approach to Performance Marketing and Programmatic Buying be?
  • How should my marketing team be structured for a more digitally focused world?
  • What media channels should be used and how much should they cost?
  • How to implement an omni-channel strategy
  • How should an agency’s performance be quantified and how should KPIs be measured?
  • What should a marketing performance dashboard measure and contain?

Every task we work on today involves performance marketing, ad tech and programmatic buying. 

We have re-engineered many marketing department blueprints, specified team roles and responsibilities, and written job specifications for new teams and individuals. 

Services include:

  • Market entry strategies and global communications planning
  • Identification of target audiences and segments from multiple and credible published sources and a client’s own research.
  • Customer journey and CRM planning
  • Omni-channel analytics
  • Marketing team organisation, resource rebalancing and systems re-engineering
  • Marketing, media and campaign performance frameworks and analysis
  • Channel and budget planning
  • RACI and client – agency process and strategy alignment workshops
  • Media performance and re-engineering
  • Data performance and re-engineering

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