Ways of Working: Method, Process and Workflow

Whereas client companies sought simplicity in rationalisation, reducing brand marketing from factory based, institutional structures to a single desk in a business park, life is now more complicated (again).

Now, a confederation of brands, loosely linked by a common owner has to cope with disparate decision making, and a web of agencies with multifarious disciplines. The single group, multi-agency team structures have been found wanting. 

How can clients move to content based publicity while maintaining the brand at the core?

We helped Nissan work out its relationship with its agencies while it struggled to ensure that the Infiniti brand was getting the attention it deserved.

This involved re-evaluating the briefing process, the project planning, the work flow and how work was commissioned – and who by.

As well as conducting both quantitative and qualitative landscape reviews for our clients, where we make bespoke recommendations, we have created a series of educational modules to help clients work better with their chosen agency partners.

  • Our ‘Creativity Module’ shows clients the stories behind some of the greatest ideas – ancient and modern – and helps marketers recognise good ideas often before the agency can see them!
  • Our ‘Briefing Module’ dissects the brief, and then simplifies all briefs down to three simple questions – always the same ones.
  • The ‘Remuneration Module’ takes clients through the various agency models and draws out how agencies make their money, and the BIG questions to ask them.
  • Our ‘Media Module’ takes a fascinating perspective on what media agencies are offering now in the fastest changing landscape in marketing history. This is delivered by our own industry insiders.

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