Procurement & Benchmarking

The Agency Insight team has worked in both client companies and in agencies.

We have negotiated hundreds of global contracts and we have benchmarked agency costs.

Questions we answer:

  • How much should we be paying our agencies?
  • What should our global agency compensation model be?
  • How do we save money on our global media agency contract and media pricing?
  • How much should an email/press ad/digital asset (etc) cost?
  • How should our agency team be constructed, with what kinds of resource - and at what cost?
  • What kind of bonus and malus performance/KPI framework should we set our agencies, individually and together?
  • What ways of working and systematic process gets the best from my agency - and internally?

We help Procurement and Marketing teams to buy marketing services and suppliers effectively, and gain better value from marketing budgets without compromising quality or service.

We get asked “How long does it take to create a great campaign?”

The answer is “The same amount of time as it takes to produce a bad one”.

Services typically include:

  • Agency effectiveness and performance audits
  • Global benchmarking of agency rates and roles
  • Agency structuring/multi-country performance frameworks
  • Media buying models, audits and best practice
  • Agency compensation models and reviews
  • Fees + FTEs: customisable agency fee and FTE proposal templates and analysis
  • Contract structuring, reviews and negotiation
  • Campaign and production cost analysis and benchmarking
  • Outsourcing, de-coupling and cost efficiency audits
  • EU/EJEU tendering process support
  • Process and ways of working (WoW) best practice and re-engineering

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