Top Tips For Every Pitch Meeting

Agency Insight attends presentations many times a month. We see the good (and some are magnificent), the bad (see below) and the awful (see below too). You would have thought that, as professional communicators, agencies would have mastered the art of reducing the complex to the simple. But this is not always so… (read more...)

The Agency of the Future is…Fully Automated?

In the last year or so we’ve tackled quite a few briefs to install (and we use the word purposely) an agency layer of automation, programmatic targeting, and performance marketing. The “D” words loom large – digital and... (read more...)

Insight: Think Small

At Agency Insight we work with companies large and small. From the biggest of global enterprises trying to get coherence to their brand and communications, to small and country locked established start-ups wanting stature to their brand marketing. (read more..)

Insight: What to Look For in an Agency Intermediary*

At a recent client introductory meeting, the attending marketing procurement manager asked "What should we be looking for in an Agency Intermediary?." We said we had very strong veiws on the subject (read more..)

Insight: Return of the Big (Consultancy) Guns

You may have noticed in a marketing article near you that there has been a sudden re-emergence of the former big guns in marketing and communications consultancy. IBM (in the guise of the Interactive Experience agency), Deloitte, Accenture and Sapient (-Nitro), amongst others, have begun to appear as recent digital marketing pitch contestants. ( read more... )

Insight: Omni-Channel Integration - A New Entry into the Marketing Lexicon

It’s beginning to appear in more and more articles (and in the briefs we get; 2 so far this year) – “omni-channel” is definitely becoming the new marketing buzzword. Someone said the other day that they’d heard that it was reinvented or re-engineered as a more general marketing term by McKinsey’s. We prefer to think of it as a post “The Thick of It” redefinition of omnishambles marketing for the digital age. ( read more... )

Insight: The client/agency relationship by Chris Fry

At Agency Insight we spend all of our time around senior agency and client people. Working alongside them as architects of relationships that often endure over long periods and result in fantastic work in response to finely-honed client briefs. ( read more... )

Insight: Non-Fluffy Agency Search by Andrew Melsom

What makes Agency Insight stand out? We’d define it as “NFAS”.  Non-Fluffy Agency Search. The agency market is a complex one. There are a wide range of specialisms and offers. It’s not good enough to supply information to clients based on glad handing and party circuitry. We like to party, but it isn’t how we find out about who is doing the great work, or who is talented and has the capacity to offer a client 40% of a team’s time. ( read more... )

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