Structure & Agency Architecture

Clients now want smart, responsive structures that cut through process and time barriers.

This often means moving away from large agency groups.

The new ‘collaborative client’ wants to work directly with the people who can put work out on all       platforms within hours, as well as work with brand guardian agencies.

Our landscaping process, where we gather intelligent quantitative information and combine this with empathetic interviews with both marketers and their agencies, has proved transformational for clients such as Telefonica and Diageo.

We would be pleased to give you some thoughts on the type of new practices that we have introduced to clients to help them become ‘future fit’.

Agency architectures are only as good as the people that run them, and we have some live working proactive models that we have put in place. And we can show you the difference between a hub and a cabinet!

Questions we are typically asked:

  • How can we produce more work globally when we have devolved power bases?
  • How can we effectively run a big idea around the world, without re-creating it each time it’s used?
  • How do we get the best creative minds working on our brands?
  • Are we re-briefing our agencies this year, because we briefed them last year – should we be doing something different?
  • Who’s getting this right – what benchmarks are there?
  • Are we fit for purpose with such a changing media landscape?
  • What do our agencies think of us; what would a 360 review tell us about…us?

Client Enquiries

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