Innocent  - Stay innocent, but take on the world

Gosh. Innocent is now bigger than Tropicana - all by itself. This was about taking the brand to a place where the planet is now the market, but innocent would like to save the planet at the same time. We’re lucky to have worked with this brand for some time. So, who would be the agency to take them to the next stage for 2017 and beyond the age of innocence? Ask your Mother.

SEAT – The most vibrant car brand in the world seeks a new route  

How do you capture the art and colour of Barcelona and the precision of German engineering in a way that will excite a new generation of customers? Agencies have pitted their genius on just this challenge - and an innovative new type of appointment where DDB handle global work and Droga 5 challenge the status quo. 

Sony - Global media consolidation across five separate and unique businesses 

Together with our partners in the USA, JLB+P, we worked on the complex global media pitch for all the divisions of Sony: that’s Playstation, Sony Mobile, Sony Music, Sony Electronics and Sony Pictures. Different companies, with different approaches and different goals. This six month project involved deep analytics, major logistics in both Europe and the USA and a major negotiation at the end. 

Bank of New Zealand - Customer Based Marketing Model

Looked at key customer journey plans and how to go from a product based approach to a customer-centric one. Demonstrated a short-cut route for delivering data-driven marketing through re-configuring the customer data system, structure and cloud-based approach.

Musgrave Group – The push-me-pull-you world of integrated marketing - discuss!

We have worked with the largest retailer in ireland for 15 years, and this time we worked with them to look at the sequence and logic to ensure that marketing and retailing on line can be conjoined. How can two efforts become one? How can conistsnecy be acheived?  How does this affect the agencies that work with them? what, then, are the ten steps to glory?  Agency Insight has worked with Musgrave for 15 years (on and off).

Regus - Finding the right agency in the right space 

A data and activation agency selection project. Regus operate from a small UK marketing base and create data driven response campaigns across the globe. The brief was to select a very data and system literate agency and way of working for a relentless, results driven, hugely expanding client.

NAB - Working on site in Melbourne with the most advanced users of data in the world 

Examined the ways of working process and structure for NAB’s 380-strong Melbourne HQ Marketing Department – including their data-driven and centred communications approach. 40 interviews completed within Marketing and with key Bank stakeholders to Board level. Recommended on a new model for working, organisation, and how to focus on key internal Bank relationships.

Jurys Inn -  Brilliant Irish hotel group needed agencies to remind people what they had forgotten 

We helped this ambitious Irish Hotel group with 40 Hotels in the UK, to find a new creative agency to take on an innovative brand challenge: “I can’t remember why I forgot Jurys Inn”. Our client needed an agency to bring creative vibrancy to the brand, and to be able to measure results in real time. We were also asked to find and support the appointment of a media agency to transform the planning of all digital media. Havas were appointed as the creative agency, and Carat Manchester, the media winners.

Betsson - Finding a safe bet agency to produce stand out work among a carousel of competitors

Search and selection of a lead, cross channel, creative agency for the expanding gaming, casino and entertainment brand. Hub solution constructed based in London, with transcreation delivery capabilities across Europe and beyond. 

Diageo – Agency health check that looked through both the lenses of agencies and clients  

A serious deep dive comissioned by Diageo's own team of internal procurement specialists to see how the clients and the agency teams stacked up against each other. Because this was not a loaded and accusational process, and agencies felt free to 'download', that's precisly what they did. You can only make things better when you can fully diagnose them. Our report led to some changes, to be sure, but reaffirned working relationships across ten agencies. 

Revlon – Digital Agency Search

Digital and direct comms agency pitch review to help Revlon move to a digital first approach and a social/community platform. Appointment of Profero, with a UK hub for pan-European roll-out.

VWG – Media Effectiveness Consultancy

Management of global media audit with Global Marketing and Procurement teams to assess competitiveness, global compensation and contract of media agency across 8 brands. Achievement of savings of 15% in agency compensation over 2 years, and new agency appointment for the UK’s £14m account.

The National Trust – A unique way to find agencies, in different spaces, to fit a variety of complex needs 

A new challenge from a favourite client: how do we make people feel that in supporting The National Trust in any way, from buying the kids a tub of ice cream to taking up life membership, you are motivating 60,000 volunteers and helping keep historic places and houses for all to enjoy. 


Rémy Martin – Creative agency search and benchmarking media agency digital charges in the USA

A global agency was needed for a brand push in key markets, USA, China and Europe. Working with our partenrs JLB+P, we are looking at how digital media servcies are charged in the USA and how the agency service should be measured and remunerated. 

Blurb – Market Entry Strategy and Sizing

Identification of digital strategy and market entry opportunities for 5 key EU markets through in-market research and target audience sizing.

Weve – Digital Adspend Assessment

Market sizing and assessment of the mobile/DSP ad market for mobile marketing company Weve. Development of a strategic framework and direction for future marketing activities.


Global Bank (confidential) - Digital Marketing Audit and Benchmarking

Global audit of current digital marketing activity and suppliers across all markets, with benchmarking of global agency models. Development of recommended model and implementation plan.

Tourism Ireland – Encouraging More People to Visit the Island of Ireland 

Agency Insight conducted parallel reviews - both media and creative, with an exciting brief to persuade more people to visit the island of Ireland. Fascinating brief that included targeting the Irish abroad to come home for a visit, and promoting the emerald delights of scenery, great food and a unique Irish welcome. Publicis were the victors. 

Nissan and Infiniti – Find a New Way of Working for Nissan and Infiniti 

A great brief from Nissan in Yokahama to look at global agency structure, working method, process and agency usage around the world. We visited media, creative and digital specialists agencies in Japan, the USA and Europe and interviewed key marketerds around the world, on site. Strong opinions from agencies, sales and marketing staff had to be calibrated and turned into a ten point plan. This is an example of the best work Agency Insight can do on non competitive review projects. 



Nikon – bringing the already famous I AM NIKON campaign into Asia and beyond

7 Years ago Agency Insight identified Jung Von Matt for Nikon. Since then, I AM NIKON has become the iconic imaging campaign of the world. Now the client is operating out of Singapore, so we went there and worked on a brief and then a pitch to appoint a new agency to take the idea forward into the digital sphere. The launch of two new cameras are now imminent through RGA with a carousel content through all the social channels. We have helped Nikon move from local to ‘global’ where all markets work with the centre to achieve vibrancy and consistency. 



Telefonica – More for You - but what lies beneath?

Telefonica employs more than 26 agencies and needed to know more about what each one was doing against what scope was planned for an ambitious new phase in the company’s great history. This involved a deep dive on costs, interviews with all key agency contacts and the marketers that had responsibility for each agency relationship – across every single discipline from media and advertising through to shopper marketing and sports sponsorship. The client has used our report to improve synergies and savings. And oh, we got to meet the England Rugby team one afternoon! 

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