Choosing & Using Agencies

We help manage agency search projects to find the best agencies in the world - across all disciplines.

We also help you get the best results from agencies through our agency relationship work.

We regularly respond to:

  • Which is the best agency to meet strategic, creative and performance marketing needs?
  • How does a brand develop a stand-out creative platform in the market?
  • What is the best model for structuring agency resources - and costs?
  • What is the best way to acheive media transparency - on and off line? 
  • With apparently few media holding companies - how do we identify candidate agencies?
  • How can agencies be helped to create truly integrated, multi-channel marketing?
  • What is the most effective way of briefing, and how can agencies work together more effectively?
  • What sort of account team is needed today; how should roles be structured, and how much time do I need from each?

We help marketing and procurement teams to choose the right creative, digital, media, direct, data and performance marketing, PR and sponsorship agencies.

The right agency, with the right strategy and ideas, with the right people - at the right price.

We have a process means that agency work developed during our pitches is actually realised - contrary to popular belief. 

We are not paid by agencies to be on lists; we don’t pressure agencies to join networking clubs in our name, and we do not consult for agencies – which means that the impartiality we offer has not been paid for. 

Our projects typically include:

  • Agency landscape modelling
  • Brief writing, 'intelligent templating' for fees, PBRs and agency proposals
  • Remuneration models, contract negotiation and agency rate benchmarking
  • Intelligent analysis on agency long and short lists
  • Quantitative agency scoring at each stage
  • Agency transition and ‘on boarding’
  • Agency relationship alignment, audits and counselling
  • Agency roster management and agency ways of working

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