Agency Insight - intelligent, impartial consultancy

Agency Insight has been advising brands around the world for over twenty years on how to get the most out of their marketing resources - from finding the best agencies to enhancing agency effectiveness.

We are based in London with global experience and reach – we have a live network through our partners Jones Lundin Beals in the USA. 

What we do:

  1. Choosing & Using Agencies 
  2. Data Planning & Media Support 
  3. Procurement & Benchmarking 
  4. Process, Effectiveness & Structure

What makes us different:

"Oh, why are we paying other intermediaries a fee?"

  • Clients trust our judgement because we are not paid by agencies
  • We find the best agencies for brands  -  we are not limited by agencies that have paid to be on a list
  • Our rigorous processes are bespoke to fit the needs of our client - and are fully auditable
  • We deliver both meaningful qualitative insights and deep-dive data analysis

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